Got Some Stuff To DiveThru?

  • Are you stressed?
  • Does it feel like fear is controlling your life?
  • Do you feel anxious all of the time?
  • Are you afraid of vulnerability?
  • Do emotions make you hella uncomfortable?
  • Do you have a whole of lot of unprocessed experiences you’re avoiding?

Here's How We Help You DiveThru What You Go Thru

  • Guided Introspection

    Guided Introspection

    The DiveThru Method starts with a guided breathing sequence that allows you to connect with yourself. We’ll help you come into your space, your body and into yourself. This will prepare you for the journaling portion.

  • Hand Written Journal

    Hand Written Journal

    You’ll be guided to journal your response to a specific question that relates to the topic you chose to DiveThru. Each Dive features a new journaling question.

  • Reflective Introspection

    Reflective Introspection

    After you journal, you’re guided through another breathing sequence. This helps you reflect on how the journaling experience was for you.

  • Journal Review

    Journal Review

    The next step involves reading what you journaled. This helps you see firsthand the insight you gathered and connected with.

  • Self Summary

    Self Summary

    The Self-Summary section is where you become an expert on yourself. After reading what you wrote, you summarize the experience into the DiveThru app. You’ll be able to see what you learned from that specific Dive. You’ll also be able to refer back to the summaries in your profile section to see how far you’ve grown.

DiveThru What You Go Thru


The DiveThru Method provides you with everything you need to connect with yourself. We help you help yourself.


We created Dives for every obstacle. Whether fear is controlling your life, you had a fight with a spouse, low self-esteem is holding you back or even if you are anxious or just unhappy, we have a Dive for YOU.

Therapist Approved

DiveThru works with leading therapists to create 'Dives' that help you solve real-world problems by having effective conversations with yourSelf.


DiveThru is always there for you. Whether you use your phone or desktop, all you need is 6 minutes, 11 minutes or 18 minutes to connect with yourSelf and feel better fast.

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DiveThru The DiveThru Method
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The Result
Feel Connected


Make A Routine Out Of It
Set A Reoccurring Reminder & Connect Again Tomorrow.'

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