Direct billing can help make it easier and more convenient for our clients to make the most of their benefits. It also makes therapy more accessible, which is another reason we’re really happy to offer it! Let’s go over the details of how direct billing works. Keep in mind that while we do everything on our end to have access to direct billing platforms for all insurance providers, we are limited by their respective platforms and approval processes.

Insurance Coverage

Our counselling services are covered by most insurance providers. We also offer direct billing to select providers. In the event we are not able to direct bill to your plan, you may still submit your therapy receipt for reimbursement.

Please Note: Not all therapists are approved for direct billing to insurers. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your coverage, contact us or your insurance provider.

Who We Direct Bill

The following insurance providers are confirmed as eligible for direct billing: Alberta BlueCross, ASEBP, and Canada Life, Veteran Affairs Canada. Medavie (which includes Veteran’s Affairs and RCMP) and GreenShield is expected to be added by the end of July as well. 

Whether or not we can successfully direct bill them may still depend on your insurance plan and/or the type of therapist you have attended a session with. 

Don’t see your insurance listed?

If we’re unable to direct bill your insurance provider, you’ll be able to submit the receipt we send at the end of your session to your insurance provider for reimbursement yourself.