Our DiveThru studio is a safe, welcoming and inclusive space where every child and teen can feel comfortable taking charge of their mental health. We take that verrryyyy seriously at DiveThru. None of us are alone in our struggles and we don’t want young people struggling alone.

Therapy For The Next Generation

A brand they see themselves reflected in

Tech-powered digital tools

Safe space to express themselves authentically

Community of young people

First Steps To Get Started

1. Matching process

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of finding a therapist for your child? Take our matching questionnaire and browse your child’s top three therapist matches. If you find it easier to talk to a person, give our studio a call and our team will suggest a therapist based on what they learn from you.

2. Book appointment

There are two ways to book an appointment: through our portal or by calling the studio. Our online portal makes it really easy to manage all of your child’s appointments in one place and make any changes that are needed!

3. First session & consent

The very first therapy session scheduled is often called the “intake” session, where a therapist asks questions that allow them to learn more about the client and discuss consent with them.

For children and youth (any clients under 18 years of age), consent is needed from their legal guardians before the child can participate in therapy. It’s important to note that if parents are separated or divorced and have joint custody of the child, BOTH parents will need to provide consent. If one parent has sole custody of the child, please bring guardianship documents to the first session.

For children ages 12 and under, the first session is reserved for the therapist to meet only with parents/guardians in order to learn about the child.

If you have any questions at all regarding the intake session or would like to confirm what you need to bring, reach out to our DiveThru Team by phone or email.

4. Therapist-parent relationship

Family involvement in child therapy is important and that relationship can be discussed during the intake session. The family and the therapist can discuss it at length and determine what this looks like for their child’s therapy.

5. Drop-off & pick-up

We designed every part of our DiveThru Studio with our clients in mind and that includes the waiting area. All clients have the option to come in 15 min before their session and unwind in a quiet and comfortable area away from the commotion of the front door. Yummy snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are available for those who want them!

Clients are also welcome to sit in this area after their session if they need a moment to gather their thoughts and take a deep breath before going back out into the world.

If your child or youth would like to use this space before and after their session, they’re more than welcome to!