We’re on a mission to ensure no one struggles alone. Through our in-person studios and online platform, we connect today’s generation with a modern therapy experience.
Experience Centric

Struggling with your mental health is hard, but accessing support shouldn’t be. That’s why we’re so focused on creating a better therapy experience, so you can focus on what matters most: taking care of yourself.

Human Led

We’re in therapy, too. And our intimate understanding of struggling with your mental health is woven into everything we do. From the intentional details in our space to the unashamed way we talk about mental health, we’re doing this because we get it.

Clinical Expertise

We’re more than bold colours and fun mental health stickers (although we love that side of us, too). While DiveThru was founded from lived experience, we’re guided by clinical expertise. Our therapists and clinical leaders are licensed mental health professionals. Whether it’s using evidence-based practices in the therapy room or best practices and research in developing a clinical feature, our work is guided by clinicians who prioritize ethical, quality care.

Intentional Innovation

The stuffy, complex, hush-hush approach to mental healthcare isn’t working. Here at DiveThru, we’re approaching things differently. From the way we talk about mental health to our technology, we’re challenging the norm and innovating to improve client care and experience.

Making Room for Fun

Your mental health is something we take very seriously. And working on your mental health can be very difficult. So, we do love to bring you a bit of fun when we can, whether it be through memes or our mental health stickers.

Community Care

We understand first-hand the positive impact community can have, and we’re committed to connecting with and supporting our community in the areas we serve. Whether it’s through our Reduced Rate program or community involvement, we know our work has to go beyond the therapy room.


Have you ever felt like you were going to shit your pants and throw up at the same time? Graphic, I know, but I have, and that’s exactly why I built DiveThru.

After a decade of struggling with and avoiding my mental health, I had a panic attack on an airplane. My heart was racing, my body was shaking and my stomach… well, it wasn’t happy.

This panic attack resulted in a 38 hour cross country drive where I had a lot of time to evaluate my life. What did I discover? I was struggling, deeply and something needed to change.

When I arrived home from my cross country journey, my mental health one began. I went to therapy, journaled, took medication and did everything and anything I could to support myself.

While I found more stable ground, I was continually overwhelmed by how hard it was to get help. Because of this, and my desire to prevent others from feeling as I did, I began building DiveThru.

- Sophie Gray