Why We Want YOU To Live Life Connected

DiveThru was created to help you live life connected. It’s what drives every decision we make, every post we share and everything we create. You might wonder… why did these people come together to create a company entirely dedicated to helping YOU to live life connected?
Well, our story started when our founder, Sophie Gray, felt like she was going to shit her pants and throw up at the same time. What was wrong with her?
Sophie was unwell. It wasn’t merely the work of a virus or a bad burrito. It was a panic attack. If you’ve never had a panic attack, it feels like a heart attack, except it’s in your body, heart and mind. Just like a heart attack, a panic attack is sometimes years in the making. For Sophie, it was the years she spent afraid, anxious and depressed. It was the years she spent looking in the mirror hating who she saw. It was the years she ignored who she truly was while chasing acceptance from others.
Her panic attack happened as a result of all the years she spent incredibly disconnected from herself. This panic attack occurred on a connecting flight, and left Sophie too afraid to catch her next one. Luckily her husband drove them across the country to get home. 3200 kilometers to be exact. After this experience, Sophie’s former life crumbled apart. She was forced to look within and connect with herself.
How did she take charge and turn that scared, anxious, unwell person into the dynamic and excited woman she is today? She searched high and low for something, anything, to help her, and discovered several helpful tools (and a lot of not so helpful ones). She spent years refining a practice that worked for her, and unknowingly created the method DiveThru is founded upon.
Sophie decided to turn what she had learned into an acessible tool for everyone because she knew she wasn’t alone in the way she felt.
She knew the world needed DiveThru, as much as she did.
So yeah, we’re obsessed with helping you live life connected because we know how terrible it is to be disconnected from ourselves and others. We get it, on the deepest level possible. And honestly, we wouldn’t wish a panic attack at 35,000 feet on anyone, so it’s time for you to DiveThru.

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DiveThru The DiveThru Method
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Here's What's Inside


DiveThru was created from my personal need for it. It features the methods I turned to when disconnection was controlling my life. Looking around, it’s clear the world needs it, too.


Sophie is DiveThru's founder. She created DiveThru from her own need for what it offers. While she's not caught up in introspection, Sophie loves to cuddle her puppies and write. She also loves her husband and all of the meals he cooks for her.


Sophie believes in DiveThru because it gave her back control of her life. She deeply understands the desperation one has to be in charge of what goes on in one's mind. She knows DiveThru is a tool that can empower others to be an expert on themselves.

Sophie Gray

VP Of Founding The Company

Natalie is our DiveThru expert and brings legit letters after her name: MSW and LCSW. Her personal practice specializes in treating eating disorders, anxiety, and depression to DiveThru. You'll often find her grabbing a cappuccino at her local coffee shop, or spending time at the farmers' market.


Natalie believes in DiveThru because it guides people to be introspective in a world where we are constantly focused on the external. She loves that DiveThru compassionately holds the Diver's hand to help them better understand and embrace their own emotions.

Natalie Asayag

VP Of Insights and Behaviors

Emily is our Brand Partnership Manager. She spends her time creating meaningful relationships with companies, and influencers who believe in living life connected. She's afraid of the dark and sleeps with the light on. She also loves binge watching Gilmore Girls.


Emily believes in DiveThru because she believes guided breathing and journaling are two integral parts of truly getting to know yourself. She believes DiveThru's a tool anyone can use at any age and it will make a difference.

Emily Leikam

VP Of Partnering Things

Edcel expertly manages all of DiveThru's website and mobile apps development. She understands all "tech related" language and helps translate for everyone on the team. When she's not mastering the world of development, she loves to read books, and binge watch on Netflix, among other things.


Edcel believes in DiveThru because as a working mom, she believes a strong and healthy mind is an important piece of finding balance in her career and family life.

Edcel Arbasa

VP Of Developing Stuff

Shaina is DiveThru's PR/Communications Manager. While she's not spreading the word about DiveThru, she's learning new languages and sneaking away for her next adventure or hiking or kickboxing, or creating cool things. Shaina is pretty awesome.


She believes in DiveThru because she believes we need to empower people to connect with themselves

Shaina Klammer

VP Of Spreading The Word

Roxie is the backbone of the DiveThru team. She handles everything from working to make the app the best available to research and support. She loves to-do lists, the outdoors and day-dreaming.


Roxie believes in DiveThru because she is a person who personally benefits from the practice. She believes there's value in understanding oneself and calming one's mind to find the balance we all desperately need. She knows a DiveThru practice can deliver that.

Roxie Valeriano

VP Of Supporting Everyone

Aaron has spent years creating insightful and humorous prose for audiences of all types. His can-do, positive attitude makes him a stellar part of the DiveThru Team. He enjoys playing frisbee with his dog and making kombucha.


Aaron believes in the DiveThru method because he believes you can't NOT change. He believes it's okay to need help to change and that DiveThru can be a beneficial tool in one's journey. He's learned that mindfulness and journaling are great tools to help with emotional awareness, self-control, and keeping track of your progress.

Aaron Hagey-Mackay

VP Of Writing Stuff

Rio keeps all of us in the office on our toes... as in, we always have to be watching out to ensure he doesn't steal our office supplies. He loves to cuddle (especially if they include inner thigh rubs) and bark at everything he sees. Recklessness aside, Rio offers emotional support to everyone he meets.

Why He Believes In DiveThru

It pays for his organic dog food.

King Rio

VP Of Stealing Office Supplies

Lord Biggus, Biggie for short, is the office cuddler. He's constantly searching for team members to cuddle with so he can steal their warmth. He often encourages his brother, King Rio, to misbehave so it makes him look like more of an angel. He's a puppy genius like that. He makes all of our team members feel needed as he's always needing their warmth.


It pays for the electricity that powers the fireplace he snuggles up against.

Lord Biggus

VP Of Cuddles


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