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Our Story

Our Story

“Have you ever felt like you were going to shit your pants and throw up at the same time? Graphic, I know, but I have, and that’s exactly why I built DiveThru.

After a decade of struggling with and avoiding my mental health, I had a panic attack on an airplane. My heart was racing, my body was shaking and my stomach… well, it wasn’t happy.

This panic attack resulted in a 38 hour cross country drive where I had a lot of time to evauluate my life. What did I discover? I was struggling, deeply and something needed to change. 

When I arrived home from my cross country journey, my mental health one began. I went to therapy, journaled, took medication and did everything and anything I could to support myself.

While I found more stable ground, I was continually overwhelmed by how hard it was to get help. Because of this, and my desire to prevent others from feeling as I did, I began building DiveThru.” – Sophie Gray

Through our self-guided app, and therapy offerings (launching November 2022) our goal is to help you take charge of your mental health.

Meet Our Therapists

What We’re All About

Meet Our Team

  • Sophie Gray (she/her)


  • Dr. Lily Le (she/her)

    Clinical Director

  • Solehin Sagor (he/him)

    Technical Lead

  • Sofia Varzaru (she/her)

    Head of Content

  • Tristen Sthamann (she/her)

    Head of Operations

  • Amanda Kobly (she/her)

    In-House Psychologist

  • Nayan Biswas

    Backend Developer

  • Joy Shaha (he/him)

    Software Engineer

  • Nishan Chakma

    Frontend Developer

  • Somaya Rabbi (she/her)

    Software Quality Assurance Engineer

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