Meet Our Team

  • Sophie Gray (she/her)


  • Natalie Asayag (she/her)

    In House Mental Health Professional

  • Nathan Beck (he/him)

    Head of Product

  • Sofia Varzaru (she/her)

    Editorial Director

  • Megan Hoskin (she/her)

    Podcast Manager

  • Tristen Sthamann (she/her)

    Account Manager

  • Ina Grewal (she/her)

    Digital Marketing Coordinator

  • Emily Parr (she/her)

    Graphic Designer

  • Olivia Wik (she/her)

    Digital Content Writer

  • Brooke Maccallum (she/her)

    Digital Content Writer

  • Dara Kendell (she/her)

    Brand Partnership Manager

  • King Rio

    VP of stealing office supplies

    King Rio

    Rio keeps all of us in the office on our toes… as in, we always have to be watching out to ensure he doesn’t steal our office supplies. He loves to cuddle (especially if they include inner thigh rubs) and bark at everything he sees. Recklessness aside, Rio offers emotional support to everyone he meets. 

    WHY HE BELIEVES IN DIVETHRU:It pays for his organic dog food.

  • Lord Biggus

    VP of cuddles

    Lord Biggus

    Lord Biggus, Biggie for short, is the office cuddler. He’s constantly searching for team members to cuddle with so he can steal their warmth. He often encourages his brother, King Rio, to misbehave so it makes him look like more of an angel. He’s a puppy genius like that. He makes all of our team members feel needed as he’s always needing their warmth.

    WHY HE BELIEVES IN DIVETHRU:It pays for the electricity that powers the fireplace he snuggles up against.