At DiveThru, we’re on a mission to ensure no one struggles alone. We understand there can be financial barriers that prohibit people from getting the support they need. And that’s why our Reduced Rate Therapy program exists. Through the program, we aim to support those who face financial limitations access mental health care through reduced rates for counselling services. If you want to access therapy services but feel that it is financially unfeasible for you, we encourage you to take a look at the eligibility requirements and apply to the program.

Step 1. Fill out the eligibility form

The first step is to fill out the application form, which provides us with information that will determine your eligibility for the program, as well as details that can help us match with the right therapist for you (such as key concerns you’d like to attend therapy for, age category you fall under, etc.). More details on eligibility can be found below.

Step 2. Wait for the results of the screening process

Once we receive your application, we will screen it based on our eligibility criteria and let you know if you qualify for the program. We do our best to let you know the decision in a timely manner! If you qualify for the program, we will send you further details on what your reduced rate would be. If you accept the reduced rate, we will move forward in the process.

Step 3. We establish your reduced rate

Once we’ve confirmed the reduced rate for your counselling sessions, we will send you your top therapist match, as well as their next available appointment times. There will be a few other important details to get from you to book your first appointment and create your DiveThru profile. From that moment forward, you’ll be able to login to your DiveThru profile and use it to schedule and manage your future appointments.

Step 4. Prepare for your first appointment

Before your first appointment, there will be an intake form and a consent form to fill out. Both of these can be found in your DiveThru profile (under Settings > Forms)! The intake form is especially important and helpful to your therapist so that they can prepare for your session ahead of time. You’ll receive appointment reminders (and other helpful info) in the days leading up to your appointment!

Step 5. Attend your first therapy session at DiveThru

Whether you’re joining us in person or virtually, we’ll be excited to welcome you to DiveThru! After your first session, you will be billed using the reduced rate and we will provide you with a receipt. To book future sessions, you can login to your DiveThru profile and book them yourself or one of our studio coordinators would be more than happy to help you after your session.

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