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    Hi! We're DiveThru! Anddddd, we exist to help our users DiveThru what they go thru.

    Wondering where it all started? Well, our story started when our founder, Sophie Gray, felt like she was going to shit her pants and throw up at the same time. What was wrong with her?

    Sophie felt sick. This wasn’t merely the work of a virus or a bad burrito. It was a panic attack. If you’ve never had a panic attack, it feels like a heart attack, except it’s in your body, heart and mind. Just like a heart attack, a panic attack brews for years and it’s virtually impossible to determine an actual reason for the attack. For Sophie, it was the years she spent pretending she was fine, when she certainly wasn't.

    This panic attack on a connecting flight resulted in a 38 hour drive home, 3200 kilometers to be exact.

    It also resulted in her former life crumbling apart and multiple years of trying to put the pieces back together.

    How did she take charge and turn that scared, anxious, sick person into the dynamic and excited woman she is today? She searched high and low for something, anything, to help her and, once she discovered several helpful tools, she refined those methods into a new tool of self-reflection — DiveThru.

    So yeah, we’re super into with helping people DiveThru what they go thru because we get it — on the deepest level. Do you want to help us share this message with the world? We'd love to hear from you.

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