Wanna work on your mental health but don’t know where to start?

Looking for a self-guided tool that’s easy to access and easy to use? Check out our DiveThru App and discover a range of resources created by therapists, for you.


Introducing Solo Dives

Only have a few minutes to spare in your day? That’s all you need tbh. Our Solo Dives are quick 3-step routines that help you monitor your mental health and give you a few coping tools to feel better.

Here’s how they work:
  • Check In With Your Feelings

    Research shows that putting negative feelings into words can help regulate a negative experience, a process that may ultimately contribute to better mental and physical health! So the first thing we do is explore how you’re feeling.

  • Ground With Your Breath

    Studies have shown that slowing down with deep breathing can help you feel better. In step 2, we take a moment to breathe and self-regulate your body.

  • Write it Out & Reflect

    There are studies suggesting journaling can strengthen the immune system, drop blood pressure, help you sleep better, and generally keep you healthier. In this final step, we reflect through 2 quick prompts.


Dealing With Anxiety

Discover coping mechanisms and tools that can help you quell those anxious thoughts and feelings.


Improving Body Language

Learn ways that you can improve your relationship with your body and the impact it has on your self-worth.


Reducing Stress

Prevent burnout and chronic stress by tackling the stress you’re experiencing now.


Nurturing Your Relationships

Discover how you improve your relationships by understanding yourself better and reflecting on your own attachment styles.


Want to dive in deeper?

Are you a busy corporate girlie with only 5 minutes a day? Try a Solo Dive! Do you hate journaling but loooove mindfulness exercises? We’ve got both. Or maybe you’re someone who prefers reading articles and working through courses to understand their mental health! Whatever your style is, there is something in the app for you.

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