Are you disconnected?

Here's How We Help You Live Life Connected:

  • Connect With Yourself

    Connect With Yourself

    The DiveThru Method starts with a guided breathing sequence that allows you to connect with yourself. We’ll help you come into your space, your body and into yourself. This will prepare you for the journaling portion.

  • Journal


    You’ll be guided to journal your response to a specific question that relates to the topic you chose to DiveThru. Each Dive features a new journaling question.

  • Reconnect


    After you journal, you’re guided through another breathing sequence. This helps you reflect on how the journaling experience was for you.

  • Read What You Journaled

    Read What You Journaled

    The next step involves reading what you journaled. This helps you see firsthand the insight you gathered and connected with.

  • Self Summary

    Self Summary

    The Self-Summary section is where you become an expert on yourself. After reading what you wrote, you summarize the experience into the DiveThru app. You’ll be able to see what you learned from that specific Dive. You’ll also be able to refer back to the summaries in your profile section to see how far you’ve grown.

DiveThru What You Go Thru

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