Danny Batraki

Registered Provisional Psychologist

“Hi, I’m Danny! I’m a Registered Provisional Psychologist and I believe everyone has a story shaped by their experiences and values. We are the authors of our stories, but sometimes we get writer’s block in tough times. My goal is to learn your story and help you gain the right tools to find the ending that’s right for you.”

Jumai Usamatu

MSW, Registered Social Worker

“Hi, I’m Jumai! I have previously worked in areas around complex trauma, borderline/narcissistic personality disorder, mood disorder, relationship problems, self-esteem, and anger management. In session, I use strength-based and self-compassionate approaches to therapeutic interventions. I am passionate about serving a wide variety of populations, including children, adults, couples, families, seniors, veterans and active members of the Canadian armed forces. When you work with me, I will assist you in creating a specialized treatment plan after an initial assessment and help you move forward with approaches that fit your needs.”

Laurie Hamm

MSW, Registered Social Worker

“Hi, I’m Laurie. I believe one of the best gifts therapy has to offer is a space and therapeutic relationship to feel seen, heard, and supported. My approach is invitational, strength-based and compassion-focused. I aim to individualize the therapeutic space to meet your personal goals, which means you have the freedom to decide to take what is helpful from sessions and leave what is unhelpful. You are the driver, and I am the navigator: I offer options for directions to turn, but in the end, you get to choose which turns you want to take.”

Sam Molen

MSW, Registered Social Worker

“I’m Samantha Molen, but I go by Sam! I believe therapy is an opportunity for empowered self-exploration and a chance for you to see things in a different way. Together, we can talk about the things that matter most in your life and collaborate on your goals to achieve emotional healing and well-being. I focus on establishing a positive relationship built on trust and safety, where you can be your honest self and share your more vulnerable truths. I have incredible respect and admiration for people willing and able to be curious and courageous enough to go to those deeper and darker places. I want to help you find liberation and self-reclamation from our oppressive systems that cause us to feel and think we are inadequate and unworthy of love, acceptance, or belonging.”

Nicole Wheaton

Registered Provisional Psychologist(Not Accepting New Clients)

“Life can be difficult sometimes, and it takes a lot of courage to reach out and ask for support when facing challenges. I am so glad you are here. When life becomes difficult, it is a counsellor’s role to support you in navigating those challenges. I want to help you shift from surviving to thriving! I place a large emphasis on the importance of establishing a therapeutic relationship that is collaborative, accepting, and authentic by honouring the unique life experiences each client brings into sessions. Together, we will work towards a common goal that honours the unique person that you are. My role is to support, empower, and provide you with a safe space to grow. I have an inherent respect for a client’s cultural values and freedom to exercise choice. I value your feedback and want to make sure you feel heard throughout our time together.”

Joey Shaughnessy

MSW, Registered Social Worker

“I take a holistic approach to practice, considering how our mind, emotions, body and spirit come together to frame our relationship with the world. I believe mental health to be not only the removal of challenges but the creation of an active sense of well-being.”

Savneet Singh

Registered Provisional Psychologist

“Hi! My name is Savneet. I am passionate about making a positive impact on people’s lives through my practice as a Registered Provisional Psychologist. Join me on a journey of exploration, growth, and connection as we navigate the complexities of life together. Let’s create a safe and welcoming space for healing and transformation.”

Tiffany Gloeckler

MSW, Registered Social Worker

“I dedicate my practice to your journey of self-discovery and healing. My practice prioritizes a safe and welcoming space, combining humour, education, and professionalism in a tailored, collaborative approach. My unwavering commitment is to support your path to well-being.”

Sabrina Eng

Registered Provisional Psychologist

“Using a collaborative and goal-oriented approach I aim to create a productive and welcoming space. Having served clients looking to explore various personality disorders, mood disorders, communication issues, and relational issues, I recognize that you are unique and our approach to your mental health should reflect that. To promote confidence, resilience, and get you un-stuck, we will explore what works for you and help you integrate change into your everyday life. I am grateful for the opportunity to walk with you as you take this next step. “

Rached Alame

MSW, Registered Social Worker

My approach to therapy is rooted in a person-centred and anti-oppressive practice, meeting you as the client where you are at to best serve your individual, community, and relationship needs, in both the short and long-term. Maintaining a trauma-informed and safe space is foundational to my practice and includes cultural and religious humility, social justice, enhancing communication and understanding, and social-emotional wellbeing.”