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Written By: DiveThru Team

Reviewed By: Natalie Asayag MSW, LCSW


Feeling Sexy: A Guide to Your Emotions

PUBLISHED Mar 19th, 2021 & UPDATED ON Jan 24th, 2023

Feeling sexy is one of the best feelings! You feel confident, powerful, wanted and un-fucking-stoppable! You should feel this way allll the time! 

Unfortunately, sexiness is an emotion that not a ton of us feel very often. We can be filled with negative thoughts and self-talk that keep us from feeling this way. But we believe that sexiness should be more widely experienced and felt by everyone. Lucky you, because right now, you are loving and appreciating your body and mind for everything that they’re worth!

Somedays, you just KNOW you’re hot shit! Looking in the mirror, you love everything about yourself. You’re wearing an outfit that you love and your body looks banging. Selfies? YES PLEASE!  

You might be feeling like a fancy person in their house wearing hot af underwear, pouring yourself another martini. Or maybe you feel like a badass wearing leather and walking down the street, knowing that you’re turning every single head that you pass. Whatever the case may be, you’re looking good and feeling foiiine! 

A Deeper Look at Feeling Sexy

Feeling sexy often comes from feeling confident. There can be other areas in your life that influence this confidence. You might be killing it at work and you walk out feeling like you could conquer the world! This confidence transcends into all parts of your life and people around you can see that. Confidence has always been sexy and you are definitely feeling confident!

Sometimes we feel sexy because we’re really vibing with someone we’re talking to (not just in a friendly way…if you know what we mean *wink, wink*). We can get full of these lustful feeling and then think “Ooooh this is hot. I AM hot!” – adding to this feeling of sexy sexiness. 

Ahem. Let’s tone it down for a second and put our professional hats back on. Dictionary.com defines sexy as “sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality… excitingly appealing; glamorous.” 

And you are radiating if we may say so! 

How Feeling Sexy Shows Up Mentally 

Feeling sexy is a state of mind. It’s how you perceive yourself and feel about yourself. You know your own worth in moments of sexiness, and you feel fucking great about it! Galleries can stop collecting pieces of fine art because you’ve outdone any art that was and ever will be created. We know that you know how good you’re feeling, but we’re gonna tell you some of the mental ways feeling sexy af shows up: 

– Increased self-confidence

– More self-worth 

– Increased happiness 

– Frequently practicing self care

Sexiness can embody a lot of other feelings too butttt we only put these on the list. Everyone’s definition of sexy is a little bit different, so we’re going to leave the complete interpretation up to you. Maybe you downloaded a dating app again for a late-night hookup, or maybe you did a cute selfie photo-shoot. You are the ultimate decider of sexiness! 

How Feeling Sexy Shows Up Physically 

Beyonce said it best when she said “Feelin’ myself, I’m feelin’ myself, I’m feelin’ my…” We would like to say that the embodiment of Beyonce was a physical symptom of feeling sexy, but alas, there is only one Queen B. However, what you CAN do is channel this energy and bring it into different aspects of yourself and your life. Here are some ways that feeling sexy shows up physically:  

– Walking taller 

– Exercising

– Making out with people you’re attracted to

– Getting dressed in your favourite clothes

– Taking chances/risks

– Indulging in your favourite things

It could also mean dancing around your house to music that makes you feel like a badass. Is anyone coming to question your sexiness today? Hell no! You’re accompanied by the energy of all the sexy songs ever written!

How to Embrace Feeling Sexy 

Ok, so you’re feeling sexy. We’ve established that! So, how do you learn to embrace and foster the feeling? We’ve gotchu baby!

1. Practice Deep Breathing

Tune into this emotion. Really work to feel it in every part of your being. Why? Once you start to do this, you’ll help yourself learn to access this sexiness whenever you want! See someone you wanna flirt with? SEXY! How did you do that? You practiced cultivating this emotion with deep breathing exercises. Look at you go! 

2. Move Your Body 

This could mean anything from going for a walk, stretching, riding a bike, to dancing around your house to that badass music we talked about! Do whatever your body is telling you to do in this moment. 

3. Practice Meditation 

This kind of falls within the same category as doing a breathing exercise. Why? Because it helps you feel sexy allll the time! Learn to feel this love for yourself with the help of meditation. If you’re just starting out with meditation, there are tonsss of free guided meditations on the internet that you can use! 

4. Engage in Compassionate Self-Talk

Tell yourself nice things! Look in the mirror and tell yourself how sexy you are. Does your butt look great in those jeans? Of course, it does! You’re sexy as hell! Find things about yourself that you love and think are super hot. Frequently doing this will help raise your confidence and help you feel sexier by the day!

 5. Journaling 

Remember why you’re deserving of this feeling. If you ever doubt your sexiness, come back to that journal entry and read what you wrote down. It can help bring you back to that moment and counter any negativity that might be going on in your head. Plus, journaling helps you reinforce your sexiness! 

There you have it, folks! Are you still feeling sexy? We hope so. Now, what you’re gonna do is close this article, be the sexiest version of yourself, and be a confident badass! Now, go break some hearts!


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