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10 Journaling Prompts to Help You Fall in Love with Your Body

PUBLISHED Oct 7th, 2020 & UPDATED ON Feb 8th, 2023

Bodies are a beautiful thing. They are fantastic, magical, and phenomenal! They come in an array of colours, shapes, and sizes. No two are the same. There are peaks, valleys, scars, and stretch marks that decorate our skin. But so many of us see these marks as something to be ashamed of. We pick apart each soft spot on our body because, for the majority of our lives, we’re taught that our bodies are not good enough as they are. Is there even a way to be in love with your body?? Asking for a friend.

In a 2011 article, Glamour Magazine conducted a survey and found that 97% of women will be cruel to themselves every day. That’s SO MANY PEOPLE! And that’s so much self-hatred.

Let’s undo the self hate and let’s begin to rediscover what loving ourselves feels like. These journaling prompts will help you get past all the hateful bullshit that’s been programmed in your brain, and help you begin a healthy and caring relationship with your body.

1. Who benefits from you feeling bad about yourself?

Think back to when you were a kid. Did you ever think that your body looked “wrong?” Most of us didn’t start feeling bad about how we looked until someone told us to feel that way.

Now, we are constantly being told that how we are isn’t good enough. There are images everywherrrreee and they’re designed to intentionally make us feel bad about ourselves. Instagram, magazines, television… We aren’t given a frickin’ break! It’s become a way to profit off of our insecurities.

So, think about it. Who benefits from you feeling badly about how you look? Do you want them to dictate how you feel about your body so that they can make a profit? Probably not! No one should be allowed to tell you how you feel about yourself because your opinion is the only one that matters!

2. What relationship do you want with your body today?

Ideally, we all want to look in the mirror and love what we see. It’s entirely possible to get to that point of limitless self love, but don’t worry if you have to start slow. Big shifts in perspective don’t happen overnight!

Write down what it would be like to look at yourself in the mirror and think, “Wow! I’m a fucking catch!”

Have this goal to come back to and remind yourself what kind of relationship you’re working towards.

3. What is stopping you from having that relationship?

Yep! We’re here to ask the hard questions. No easy-breezy journaling prompts today! 

What kind of mental barriers are you facing when it comes to loving yourself? Sometimes there is a voice in the back of our minds saying that we aren’t good enough as we are, and sometimes there are other factors influencing how we feel about our bodies.

Write allllll of it down. Sometimes when you see what’s standing in your way, it’s not so scary. 

4. What does it sound like when you speak to yourself?

Write down your inner monologue. Everything! Good, bad, and ugly! 

This way, you can see how you’re speaking to yourself. Would you ever say these things to anyone else? How about yourself as a child?

It’s easy to be harsh with ourselves because we don’t often verbalize our thoughts. We don’t see or physically hear them, so we give ourselves permission to keep repeating them throughout our day. Having this constant criticism playing in your ming can be exhausting mentally and emotionally.

So, BE NICE TO YOURSELF! You deserve the same kindness that you give to others.

5. How could you be kinder to yourself?

What can you do to show yourself that you are worthy of love and kindness too? 

Sometimes this means showing yourself a bit of forgiveness if you didn’t accomplish everything that you wanted to in a day. Other times it’s telling yourself what you really want to hear:

“I love you.”

“Thank you for keeping me alive and healthy today.”

“You don’t need to change for anyone.”

Listen to what your body needs, what your mental health needs, and what you need! Showing yourself a bit of extra love doesn’t have to be a huge or grand gesture. It could just be giving yourself a little hug, or leaving a sticky note on your mirror reminding you what a badass you are.

Whatever kindness you need, give it to yourself.

6. What has your body done to help you today?

Think of everything that your body has done to love you. It has breathed in the air, it has digested your food, it has moved you to and from places.

Write down all the wonderful gifts your body has given you today. No matter how small! It might seem silly at first, but you’ll begin to see and appreciate how hard it’s working for you. 

7. How can you thank your body?

This is the perfect opportunity for you to spoil yourself!

You can thank your body with a sudsy bath and a candle if you want, or you can relax and watch your favourite TV show. It’s totally up to you! YOU get to decide how to show yourself appreciation.

Write down ways that you can show gratitude to your body and keep this list close by. If you’re ever feeling like you could give yourself a little extra love, come back to this list and do some of the activities you’ve written.

8. How can your body bring you joy today?

Did you eat a delicious meal? How about dance around the kitchen like no one was looking? 

Our bodies are not meant to be shameful things. They are meant to bring us happiness and allow us to experience the world around us in ways that make us happy. So, be happy! Write down what your body helped you do that made you feel this way! Don’t let anything stand in your way of unabashed joy!  

9. What makes you uniquely beautiful?

It sounds cliché, but it’s true when we say that there is no one else like you in the world! So, celebrate that!

What makes you unique and wonderful? List your favourite things about yourself and really take the time to appreciate them. Absorb the love that you feel for these parts of your body and appreciate their beauty.

The next time that you’re feeling badly about your body, remember what you love about yourself by looking at this list. Having a tangible list can help you remember why you’re so frickin’ amazing!

10.  How are you going to love yourself today?

Make a commitment to yourself as you write this. Don’t slack on it! You need to be able to show up for yourself when you really need it. 

It doesn’t matter how big or small the feeling of love is. All that matters is that you showed yourself the kind of affection and care that you need. It’s so important that you stick to this commitment of love each and every day. You’re going to be with yourself for the rest of your life, so now is the perfect time to begin this new caring relationship with your body.

If you find that you need more journaling prompts or want more ways to work through your relationship with yourself, download our DiveThru app! It’s full of fantastic resources to help you rediscover what it means to be in love with your body.

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