How do I know if I should see a therapist?

If you have a mental health concern you want to work on, you can benefit from therapy. These issues may involve experiencing negative or unwanted feelings or issues with daily living or school/work/relationships. You may be wanting to learn more about yourself or develop positive coping strategies. You can be really struggling, or just hoping to get ahead of some issues you’re noticing. As long as you are working towards a goal, anyone can attend therapy.

How do I match with a therapist?

At DiveThru, our main focus is to find you the right therapist. With this in mind, we’ve made a therapist matching process that makes finding a therapist a breeze! Click the “Find A Therapist” button in the menu so we can learn more about what you’re looking for and once you’re ready, hit submit. You’ll then get your top 1–3 DiveThru Therapist matches and can browse through their profiles to learn more about each of them. From there, booking your first appointment is a short click away!

How do I book an appointment?

Whether you’re booking individual, couples’ or family appointments, the process is the same! To book your very first appointment, create a profile first. Once you’ve got your profile set up, you can browse your therapist’s schedule for openings and book whenever you’re ready! Jot down your username and password and in the future, all you’ll have to do is log in (log in button in the menu) to book your appointments.

What do I do after I book my first session?

After booking your very first appointment, you will receive a few emails from us that will give you more info on next steps. First, we’ll have to take care of some important forms. You will finds these by logging into your DiveThru profile and clicking on Settings, then Forms. These will take about 5-10 minutes to complete. During your first session, you and your therapist will discuss consent in more detail, talk about what’s bringing you to therapy and go through any other questions you may have about therapy or the therapist’s approach. For now, all that’s left for you to do is jot down your appointment in your calendar and you’re set!

How do I pay for my session?

When booking your session, the platform will prompt you to enter and save your credit card information. To book an appointment, you have to have a card saved on file. At the beginning of each session, the clinic coordinator will ask you if it is OK to charge your credit card. If you choose not to charge your credit card, you can pay in cash or debit. If you are attending a virtual session, your credit card will be charged before or shortly after your session.

Do you direct bill to insurance providers?

Yes! Our therapy services are covered by most insurance providers; please note that your insurance coverage depends on your provider, as well as your plan. Whether or not we can successfully direct bill them may still depend on your insurance plan and/or the type of therapist you have attended a session with. In the event that we are not able to direct bill to your plan, you can still submit your therapy receipt for reimbursement! If you have any questions about the new changes (or anything else!), please feel free to reach us at or 587-415-4910. As always, we’re happy to support you!