Selena Sliger

MSW, RSW (Mental Health Therapist)

In the spirit of reconciliation and as an Indigenous Ally, I wish to acknowledge that I live, work, and play on the traditional territories of the Alberta Treaty 8 people, which includes Woodland Cree, Beaver, Slavey, and Chipewyan, as well as the territories of Metis Nations 5 and 6. 


“Welcome! I am a Registered Social Worker and have a master’s degree specializing in Clinical Social Work. I aim to make a welcoming space where we can collaborate to work towards your goals. Together, we will enhance your true strengths so you can be your authentic self and thrive! My lived experiences with neurodivergence and mental injury and 20 years of working with marginalized populations help me understand that each persons’ experiences are unique. One of my goals is to destigmatize access to mental health support, as no one is immune from mental injury.”

Karah Pegg

MSW, RSW (Mental Health Therapist)

“Hi there! My name is Karah (she/her) and I am a Registered Social Worker. As your therapist, I believe that you are the expert in your own life and experiences, and my role is to walk alongside you and help you build on the skills you already have. Through my work, I hope to change the stigma around accessing therapy and make the therapeutic space less stuffy and more welcoming.”

Rita Onwunali

MSW, RSW (Mental Health Therapist)

“I can meet you where you are at and hold space for you as we figure out how to get you to your desired destination.”

Dayna Marzolf

Registered Psychologist (not accepting new clients)

“Through vulnerability and connection, we can find the key to your inner wisdom and unlock your potential, motivating meaningful and lasting change. “

Abimbola Orukpe

MSW, RSW (Mental Health Therapist)

I provide a non-judgmental, collaborative, and non-pathologizing therapeutic atmosphere to work with you ensuring you are seen, heard, understood, and respected. I operate from a lens of intersectionality, anti-oppressive practice, and a curious mindset while honouring my client’s stories, strengths, resilience, and autonomy. I do not think therapy should be rigid, so I endeavour to create a relaxed and welcoming space filled with warmth where we can work together on your journey towards optimal health and wellness.”

Rebecca Bartlett

 MSW, RSW (Mental Health Therapist)

“At some point in life, you might face unexpected roadblocks or have experiences that make you feel disempowered, afraid, and hopeless. I know how important it is to acknowledge and address what we may have experienced in order to eventually transform those feelings into feelings of empowerment, strength, and hope for the future.”

Nafisa Moallim

MSW, RSW (Mental Health Therapist)

“As a therapist, I will work with you to create a safe space to discuss your experiences. I aim to break down the stigma associated with therapy in many cultural communities by using person-centred language, simplifying how trauma impacts the body and mind, and making sure that you are leading your therapeutic journey.”