Jumai Usamatu

MSW, Registered Social Worker

“Hi, I’m Jumai! I have previously worked in areas around complex trauma, borderline/narcissistic personality disorder, mood disorder, relationship problems, self-esteem, and anger management. In session, I use strength-based and self-compassionate approaches to therapeutic interventions. I am passionate about serving a wide variety of populations, including children, adults, couples, families, seniors, veterans and active members of the Canadian armed forces. When you work with me, I will assist you in creating a specialized treatment plan after an initial assessment and help you move forward with approaches that fit your needs.”

Sabrina Duong

MSW, Registered Social Worker

“Hi, I’m Sabrina. I see you as the expert of your own life, and I am here to share evidence-based knowledge that can further support you, and work alongside you on your journey. Together, I can be gentle and also direct, depending on your comfort level and what works best for you. I’m proud of you for making it this far and am ready to support you.”

Jamie Warrack

MSW, Registered Social Worker (Not Accepting New Clients)

“Hi, I’m Jamie. I ensure individuals can anticipate sessions characterized by respect, honesty, kindness, compassion, humour, and empathy. Employing integrated and holistic approaches, I recognize the interconnectedness of life experiences and their impact on physical, psychological, behavioural, and spiritual well-being, guiding individuals toward discovering new paths forward. I am deeply passionate about the counselling process and feel privileged when individuals entrust me to accompany them on their journey towards healing.”

Katya Verziolva

MSW, Registered Social Worker

“Hi, I’m Katya. Grounded in trauma-informed practice, I guide couples and individuals in exploring past experiences, processing emotions and navigating life transitions. I help uncover patterns that are keeping you stuck and unfulfilled, fostering the development of effective self-regulation and communication skills. I specialize in empowering individuals to challenge negative self-narratives, find direction, and discover their unique identity. I support couples in building the nurturing, passionate and connecting relationships they envision.”

Peter Stone

MSW, Registered Social Worker

“Hi, I’m Peter. My goal is always to make you feel safe and seen, celebrating and honouring that you have entered into the experience. I believe we are all experts on our own lives and try to explore that by working from a strength-based, trauma-informed, anti-oppressive, client-centred perspective. I believe we all possess the strength and courage to make the most of our brief time that we are gifted here and I consider it a privilege if I can support someone in some small way to reach that goal.”

Laurie Hamm

MSW, Registered Social Worker

“Hi, I’m Laurie. I believe one of the best gifts therapy has to offer is a space and therapeutic relationship to feel seen, heard, and supported. My approach is invitational, strength-based and compassion-focused. I aim to individualize the therapeutic space to meet your personal goals, which means you have the freedom to decide to take what is helpful from sessions and leave what is unhelpful. You are the driver, and I am the navigator: I offer options for directions to turn, but in the end, you get to choose which turns you want to take.”

Sam Molen

MSW, Registered Social Worker

“I’m Samantha Molen, but I go by Sam! I believe therapy is an opportunity for empowered self-exploration and a chance for you to see things in a different way. Together, we can talk about the things that matter most in your life and collaborate on your goals to achieve emotional healing and well-being. I focus on establishing a positive relationship built on trust and safety, where you can be your honest self and share your more vulnerable truths. I have incredible respect and admiration for people willing and able to be curious and courageous enough to go to those deeper and darker places. I want to help you find liberation and self-reclamation from our oppressive systems that cause us to feel and think we are inadequate and unworthy of love, acceptance, or belonging.”

Joey Shaughnessy

MSW, Registered Social Worker

“I take a holistic approach to practice, considering how our mind, emotions, body and spirit come together to frame our relationship with the world. I believe mental health to be not only the removal of challenges but the creation of an active sense of well-being.”

Tiffany Gloeckler

MSW, Registered Social Worker

“I dedicate my practice to your journey of self-discovery and healing. My practice prioritizes a safe and welcoming space, combining humour, education, and professionalism in a tailored, collaborative approach. My unwavering commitment is to support your path to well-being.”

Selena Sliger

MSW, Registered Social Worker

In the spirit of reconciliation and as an Indigenous Ally, I wish to acknowledge that I live, work, and play on the traditional territories of the Alberta Treaty 8 people, which includes Woodland Cree, Beaver, Slavey, and Chipewyan, as well as the territories of Metis Nations 5 and 6. 


“Welcome! I am a Registered Social Worker and have a master’s degree specializing in Clinical Social Work. I aim to make a welcoming space where we can collaborate to work towards your goals. Together, we will enhance your true strengths so you can be your authentic self and thrive! My lived experiences with neurodivergence and mental injury and 20 years of working with marginalized populations help me understand that each persons’ experiences are unique. One of my goals is to destigmatize access to mental health support, as no one is immune from mental injury.”