Dayna Marzolf

Registered Psychologist

“Through vulnerability and connection, we can find the key to your inner wisdom and unlock your potential, motivating meaningful and lasting change. “

Heather Armstrong

Registered Psychologist(Not Accepting New Clients)

“Hi! I use mainly a cognitive-behavioural approach, meaning that I explore how beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and reactions impact your perspective and daily life. I can tell you as someone with a history of perfectionism and control issues that it’s okay to seek help and support to learn how to adopt a different perspective and accept all parts of yourself.”

Paige Dean

Registered Psychologist

“Hi! I consider myself an Integrationist therapist, meaning that I am trained in and draw from various modalities of therapy, depending on what best suits you! I believe that therapy is for everyone and that my perspective as a “zillennial” therapist is a unique one.”

Megan Malo

Registered Psychologist

“Hi! I’m Megan and I am dedicated to using evidence-based strategies to help you discover what life can be like with better mental health. I use my background and experience with therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Gottman’s Couples Therapy and EMDR to help you discover what will work best for you.”