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Feeling Daring: A Guide to Your Emotions

PUBLISHED Apr 15th, 2021 & UPDATED ON Nov 30th, 2022

You woke up today feeling confident, excited, and willing to take risks. Ooooo those risks! They’re calling to you like a mermaid calls to a pirate. The temptation is so real, but you’re ready to give in! Hmmm… this is starting to sound a bit too sexy. Let’s give you some examples and turn down the heat! 

Daring can take a lot of different forms. Maybe you’re an adrenaline junkie and are craving a skydive or bungee jump. You love the feeling of your toes dangling over the edge and hanging above an incredible height. It’s not so much the actual jump that you love, but rather the anticipation of the jump. 

The feeling of daring can also come up in smaller ways. Did that yogurt in your fridge go bad? ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT, BABY! 

A Deeper Look at Feeling Daring 

This feeling of daring doesn’t mean that you have to risk life and limb every time you take a chance. It can sometimes mean being brave and making a change that will benefit you and change your life for the better. Is your job super shitty? Maybe you’re feeling daring enough to quit. Are you in a bad relationship? Dare to break up with this person and make the change that you need. 

Being daring can actually be a form of self-care when you think about it! It can mean facing something scary and hard, but choosing to go through it anyway! That’s kind of sweet and amazing when you think about it. 

Dictionary.com has a simple, succinct, and clear definition of daring that we 100% agree with. They say that it means “adventurous courage; boldness.” But like we said, some people see being daring as an opportunity to improve a shitty situation they’re caught in. Others can see it as a chance to parachute out of a plane for fun and get their adrenaline pumping! If you ARE gonna use skydiving as a form of self care, though, PLEASE BE CAREFUL! We love risks but we always wanna make sure that you’re being safe. Wow, we sound like a parent! “Make good choices, please!” 

How Feeling Daring Shows Up Mentally 

You feel the need, the need for… speed? Adventure? Something along those lines. But how does the feeling of daring show up mentally? It’s often a feeling associated with action and results, but it can also be one that lived in that sweet little brain of yours. Here’s how: 

  • Better confidence
  • Increased happiness
  • Increased mindfulness
  • Lower stress levels

See? That sounds pretty great to us! When you feel daring, you feel like nothing can stop you and you actually end up living in the moment, which increases your mindfulness. How cool is that!? You are taking a risk and going for the things that you really want in life, so of course, you’re going to feel happy. You’re living the dream, baby!

How Feeling Daring Shows Up Physically 

Everyone’s definition of daring is a little different. Getting a tattoo might be the most adventurous thing that someone might do in their life, and hiking up a mountain and parasailing off is another person’s average Wednesday. So it all depends on the individual, but here are some common ways that everyone exudes this daring feeling: 

  • Increased energy 
  • Increased activity 
  • Motivation to achieve goals
  • Pushes comfort zone 

When you feel daring, you stop holding yourself back from what you really want. You’ll begin to see your life open up and experience things in ways that you never thought you would before. It sounds cheesy, but IT’S TRUEEE! We don’t lie. When you start to dare, you start asking for and going for the things that you really want in life. It’s magical! Sometimes scary, but MAGICAL!

5 Ways to Embrace Feeling Daring 

1. Journal

Yep! Dream big and journal alllll about it. What do you want in life? How are you going to accomplish it? What do you want to be daring about? Write it down! When you see your goals on paper, it can help you realize what steps to need to take to dare to do what you’ve been dreaming of!

2. Practice Deep Breathing

If you want to calm down and really dive into why you’re feeling daring, take some deep breaths. There are tons of breathing exercises that you can try out and do to help you tune into this emotion. 

3. Give Yourself a Pep Talk / Use a Helpful Statement

We could ALL use a pep talk every now and then. Are you feeling daring but are still a bit scared to follow through with what you want to do? Look in the mirror and say “I can do this!” – or something like that! Whatever you need to hear to help yourself out, say it! 

4. Practice Progressive Muscle Relaxation

If you want to have a mindful moment with yourself, try progressive muscle relaxation. This is where you tense every individual muscle in your body one at a time. Start at the bottom of your body and move allll the way up to your head. If you need some guidance, there are definitely some great videos on YouTube that you can listen to! 

5. Move Your Body

Sometimes feeling daring can come with a lot of nervous energy! You’re excited to do the thing but you have all of this extra energy that you don’t have anywhere to put. So, go move that body of yours! Move in a way that brings you joy. You don’t have to go to the gym if you don’t want to, so you can dance instead! Maybe go for a happy little walk. It’s totally up to you!


You’re a badass! Did you know that? Yep, this feeling of daring comes with the label of badass, so we hope that you’re ready to wear it! You’re doing great things and we can’t wait to see what you dare to do!


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