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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Spending More Time With Your Dog

PUBLISHED Sep 10th, 2019 & UPDATED ON Feb 14th, 2023

Do you find yourself yearning to go home at the end of a long day just to see your dog? Gooooood! Here are 5 more reasons why you should be spending more time with your dog!

As dog owners, we naturally want to spend as much time with our precious pups as possible! No one can resist the puppy dog eyes, cute paws, and little noses of their furry friends. 

But what if I gave you ANOTHER reason to hang out with your little (or big) ball of fluff? What if I told you that the time you spend with your dog is actually benefiting your health? 

In this article, we’re highlighting 5 (more) reasons why you should be spending more time with your adorable pup AND how this can actually improve your mental health!

1. You can literally FEEL the love 

Don’t feel ashamed to refer to your dog as your child anymore! 

A recent published study found that the same hormone responsible for social bonding between parent and child spikes when you look at your dog. 

This hormone, called oxytocin, is said to release feelings of love and trust and has been fabulously referred to as “the love hormone” and “the cuddle chemical”. 

So, next time you see your dog, gaze at their puppy dog eyes and literally feel the love!

2. Furry friends calm anxiety

To a dog, nothing is better than a belly rub. 

Studies have shown that petting or grooming your dog can help reduce stress and anxiety! So, cuddle up to your furry friends and get those belly rubbing fingers ready! (I’m sure that your pooch won’t be opposed to this belly rub session either). 

3. They bring great listening ears

Your dog is literally the only one of your friends that will give you a set of ears to vent to without saying a peep! 

Talking to your dog can be extremely therapeutic and has a similar effect on your happiness and mental health as a journaling session.

Pouring your heart out to your furry friend is guaranteed to make you feel a bit better about whatever is troubling you and can also allow you to connect with them on a more personal level.

4. They get you outdoors

Dogs love being outdoors, and if you have a dog like the furry friends around DiveThru HQ, they’ll want you to take them out for walks and runs. 

Do we really need to highlight the benefits of getting outside? Air and stuff, you know. 

5. They make you laugh

Last, but especially not least…If there is anything that a dog does well, it is making you laugh. 

It has been proven that laughing triggers the release of endorphins into the body, making you feel great! So, the next time your dog does something hilarious, appreciate that endorphin rush! 

So there you have it! I’ve just given you 5 (more) reasons to spend as much time as you can with your dog!

The next time that you need help to calm your anxiety, feel like spilling your heart out, or just need a smile, please know that your furry friend is there to comfort you and that they can truly help you feel better. 

Don’t have a dog? Don’t worry! Go spend some time at your local animal shelter visiting those adorable pooches! Borrow a friends dog. Volunteer at a doggy daycare. Or, swing by our offices – we have a pup or two you could cuddle.


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