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    15 Mental Health Memes That Are Incredibly Relatable

    Published Mar 8th, 2021 & updated on Feb 1st, 2022

    When it comes to mental health, having serious conversations is super important. But you know what’s also important? Seeing mental health content that makes us smile. Or better yet, laugh! With everything going on in our daily lives, we could probably use some cheering up now and then. And in case you didn’t know, it’s totally ok to laugh at your struggles from time to time — it helps you avoid burnout. So let’s poke some fun at it the best way we know how…with some #relatable mental health memes, of course.

    1. How Do I Make It Clearer 

    No, really. We’re all stressed.

    mental health memes
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    2. Go Easy On Me

    Adele on repeat for depressy days.


    mental health meme
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    3. Plants Are Love, Plants Are Life

    Raise your hand if you also purchase house plants on a regular basis for a serotonin boost… Don’t be shy, we’re all friends here.

    take care of your mental health meme
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    4. TFW You Get What You Deserve

    You know what feels so, so good? Gettin’ allll of the above and nothing less!

    mental health memes serious
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    5. Calling All Besties

    Having a support group who you can count on? Yep, that’s the best.

    wellbeing meme
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    6. Immediately No.

    Immediately no.

    wellbeing memes
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    7. #studentlife

    ‘Nuff said.

    well being meme
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    8. Ah Fuk

    Every. Single. Time.

    mental wellness memes
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    9. What’s The Procedure?

    Oh my god! Okay, it’s happening. Everybody stay calm.

    best mental health memes
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    10. Call Me Remy

    Progress, baby. Always working towards a better relationship with food.

    positive mental health memes
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    11. When Your Thoughts Won’t Chill TF Out

    HANG ON…it’s gonna be a bumpyyy ride.

    wellness meme
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    12. We’ll Take It

    relatable mental health memes
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    13. Oops, I Did It Again

    Baby Yoda didn’t have to call us out like this…

    memes about mental health
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    14. Call Me Bella Swan

    “There’s a possibilityyy” on repeat until March.

    mental health day meme
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    15. C A P A B L E

    That’s enough being perceived for today.

    memes that are relatable
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    We hope you found these mental health memes super relatable! Keep in mind: it’s okay to not take yourself so seriously all the time. No matter what you’re going through, letting yourself laugh a little can seriously help when times are tough. Follow us on Instagram for more mental health memes like the ones above — we wanna laugh with you!


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