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7 Instagram Accounts Focused on Healthy Eating (Minus the Diet Culture)

PUBLISHED Feb 25th, 2021 & UPDATED ON Jan 25th, 2023

It can be overwhelming when you first start looking at recipes and learning how to focus on healthy eating. There’s so much diet culture and diet-centred rhetoric out there that it’s hard to figure out fact from fiction when it comes to food. We don’t want you to be exposed to all that crap because we don’t believe in diets or diet culture, and we don’t believe in following people who promote it.

Well, don’t worry! You can avoid alllll of that because we’ve already done the work for you! Here’s a list of some of our favourite accounts that promote healthy eating with ZERO body shaming and diet-rhetoric.

1. @drjoshuawolrich

One of our favourite doctors, Dr. Joshua Wolrich, is all about helping people eat what they want and feel good while doing it. He’s here to fight the stigma around weight, champion his patients, and post some really cute pics of his pup. 


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A post shared by Dr Joshua Wolrich MBBS MRCS (@drjoshuawolrich)


2. @uclnutritionsociety

This account doesn’t have a ton of followers yet, but it has some of the YUMMIEST recipes that we’ve come across. If you’re looking to make delicious food, this is basically the only account you need. They make everything from smoothie bowls, to pancakes, to homemade Reese’s eggs!

They create recipes that benefit your body and mind that also taste AMAZING. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we are going to go make one of these dishes for our supper. 


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3. @diabetes.rd

Madalyn is a fantastic dietician who focuses on helping people with diabetes manage their blood sugar and still eat what they love! 

She focuses on what you can add to a meal opposed to what someone needs to take away. It’s aaaalll about positive reinforcement with her and we are HERE FOR IT!


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A post shared by Madalyn • Diabetes Dietitian (@diabetes.rd)


4. @rachealhartleyrd

Rachel is a non-diet dietician who believes that you can eat good food and food that’s good for you!

She posts some delicious looking pictures of her meals that have also inspired us to cook some of her yummy recipes for ourselves.

We love her because she is NOT here for body shaming and diets either. Rachel is allll about intuitive eating and teaching people how to enjoy every bite of their delicious food. 


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5. @jessiehoffman_phd

Jessie Hoffman is a registered dietician and assistant professor in nutritional sciences. She lives for facts and helping people overcome their fear foods by breaking down the myths around them. Carbs? Totally cool! Corn? Go for it! She’s here to help us battle against diet culture while teaching people to love what they eat and listen to what their body needs. 


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A post shared by Jessie Hoffman, PhD, RD (@jessiehoffman_phd)


6. @body_peace_liberation

Kathleen Bishop is the voice behind this awesome account that focuses on teaching people how to love the food they eat and feel great with noooo dieting whatsoever!

After years of fighting diet culture, she’s still going strong. Kathleen also takes an incredibly inclusive approach to her work and talks about how to support people in marginalized communities.

She cares deeply about helping people battle their body image issues and create a more positive relationship with food.


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7. @caraskitchen

Cara Carin Cifelli has some of the most insta-worthy food pics everrrr! She also works hard to help people reconnect with their body and love themselves while feeling like they don’t have to restrict their food in order to change-up what they eat.   

In her coaching, Cara takes a holistic approach and uses a lot of different modalities and techniques when working with her clients. Nutrition and mental health are soooo connected and she takes a full-body approach to her practice.

If you’re looking to be inspired on basically every level, she’s a fantastic person to follow!


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There You Have It!

7 awesome Instagram accounts that you can follow to help you eat more nutritiously. Hopefully, they will help you find positive information that encourages you to embrace all kinds of food and love your body the way it is–no matter what you eat!


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