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12 Instagram Accounts That Are All About Going to Therapy

PUBLISHED Feb 23rd, 2021 & UPDATED ON Jan 25th, 2023

Learning more about going to therapy can be a bit daunting, especially if you’re at the beginning of your mental health journey. You probably have a ton of questions about the process and about your own mental health!

We did an Instagram deep dive and found some awesome accounts that we think would be really great for you to follow! They’re informative, educational, and are created by some really wonderful people. Most importantly, these accounts create a really cool community space where you can talk about mental health struggles! People supporting other people?? We’re here for it!! 

If you’re already in therapy, we recommend that you follow these accounts anyway because they’re still prettyyyy great!

1. @therapyforblackgirls

BIPOC communities have been going THROUGH it for so long. It can become really heavy trying to bear the weight of oppression, racism, violence, and sexism on your shoulders. The experiences of a Black person are something that a white therapist or counsellor could never fully understand.

That’s why we love this account! Dedicated to promoting mental wellbeing for Black girls and women, @therapyforblackgirls provides support, education and resources to those who need it. Give this account a follow! It doesn’t matter what colour your skin is because the mental wellbeing of BIPOC is something that we should all learn about and work to understand.

2. @askdrjess

Dr. Jessica Clemons is a psychiatrist based out of NYC. She has graced Instagram with her welcoming energy and informative content!

She posts videos and hosts lives that talk aaaalll about mental health and going to therapy. Do you want to know more about what you’ve been feeling? Her content might be able to help you out! 

3. @therapyuntangled

Stephanie Essenfield has dedicated her Instagram to helping people not be afraid of going to therapy, and share ways that they can help their own mental health. 

None of the tips are overwhelming, and she’s made her Instagram page an incredibly positive space. Stephanie is the perfect follow if you want to learn more about how you can help your own mental health! She gives different strategies to help you approach the issues you’re dealing with in a way that works for you. After all, therapy isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. 

4. @ediestarktherapy

This lovely therapist, Edie Stark, is Fat Positive, LGBTQIA2S+ Inclusive, and specializes in eating disorders! She is also a certified intuitive eating counsellor! 

We love her for her inspirational quotes as well as her awesome and fun content! Edie gets super real with us and lets us know that it’s ok to be human and have the feels that we have. And let’s be honest, we have a LOT of feels…

No matter what’s going on with us, Edie’s Instagram always makes us feel better! 

5. @notbrokenjusthuman

Psychotherapist Taylor Broughton is one of our new favourite Instagram mental health advocates to follow. Not only is she a badass feminist, but she provides affirming therapy to people in the Queer Community! How awesome is that?

Her posts are super educational, welcoming, and break down the stigma around mental health and therapy. Honestly, her Instagram feels like a warm hug from a good friend. Like she says herself, she’s not a regular therapist, she’s a “cool therapist!”

6. @millennial.therapist

Sara Kubric, AKA The Millennial Therapist, is an existential therapist, writer, and life-coach with an Instagram page that’s on point. Literally, her posts include bullet points of helpful tips from managing stress to positive self-talk. She also shares a ton of “note to self” and “reminder” posts for some bite-sized mental health wisdom. Defs give her a follow!

7. @sitwithwhit

Whitney Goodman is a licensed marriage and family therapist who is also trained in trauma. Her IG page is filled with trauma and relationship-focused mental health content that is both honest and super insightful. We love how she keeps it real on the ‘gram, and you will too!

8. @nedratawwab

As a licensed therapist and relationship expert, Nedra Glover Tawwab’s Instagram gives the tools you need to maintain healthy relationships in your life. Plus, she gives great advice on how to set boundaries and why they’re so important! So ya, you’re gonna need to give her a follow.

9. @dr.christina_

Dr. Christina is a clinical psychologist and founder of the mental health action campaign #therapyiscool. Her feed is full of witty, to-the-point content that de-stigmatizes going to therapy. We gotta say, that’s pretty cool.

10. @mswjake

Therapist and mental health advocate Jake Ernst is the voice behind this awesome Instagram account! If you follow this account, it will help to reaffirm and validate your emotions and experiences. 

Jake will give mental health tips and encourage you to practice self care in different ways. The threads and images posted to the account help break down complex mental health concepts into succinct messages that are also hella relatable.

The posts from @mswjake are super relatable and informative!   

11. @createthelove

Mark Groves is a human connection specialist who posts “no-BS relationship advice.” His IG also features Live videos with therapists where they touch on a ton of different topics including healthy relationships, breakups and how to move on. We looove to see it!

12. @therapyforwomen

She’s not just another therapist – her name is Amanda E. White and she’s relatable AF. Therapy For Women (*as mentioned in her bio, it’s not just for women btw) combines funny content that makes you feel seen, plus great advice for a range of mental health topics. Ummm, count us in!

We hope that you enjoy following these accounts as much as we do! They share incredibly helpful information and bring so much goodness to the internet. Feel free to give us a follow too! We share some pretty sick posts, but then again, we’re biased.


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