How do I pay for my session?

When booking your session, the platform will prompt you to enter and save your credit card information. To book an appointment, you have to have a card saved on file. At the beginning of each session, the clinic coordinator will ask you if it is OK to charge your credit card. If you choose not to charge your credit card, you can pay in cash or debit. If you are attending a virtual session, your credit card will be charged before or shortly after your session.

Do you directly bill to insurance providers?

We do not offer direct billing to insurance providers at the moment. You will receive a receipt upon every session, which you can use to claim with your insurance provider. If you are planning to submit your therapy receipts to your insurance company, make sure to check your coverage for what you are eligible to claim. Therapists range in their professional titles, education, and fees. Appointment durations (60 min vs 90 min sessions) may also vary across various insurance providers.

Can I re-match with a different therapist?

We know the therapist-client fit is so important to the therapeutic relationship and we will do everything in our power to make sure you and your DiveThru Therapist are the right match. If you feel that you may not be the right fit and would like to see a different therapist, please feel comfortable bringing that up with your current therapist! We promise they want what’s best for you. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, you can always email us at or give us a call (find the individual number on the studio info page).