My insurance company isn’t listed, can you direct bill to them?

While we do everything on our end to have access to direct billing platforms for all insurance providers, we are limited by their respective platforms and approval processes. Beyond the providers listed above, all other insurance companies do not allow us to direct bill for psychological services; however, you are still able to submit your receipt to your insurance provider for reimbursement on your end.

I’m interested in a certain therapist, how can I ensure you can direct bill for them?

To ensure we can direct bill for a specific therapist, please check their profile page, where we list their titles right below their names. We also have the direct billing options in their profile as well. However, we always recommend checking with your provider on your coverage prior to the session starting.

I don’t know who my insurance covers, what do I do?

The best approach is to familiarize yourself with your insurance plan and see what types of therapy services, if any, are covered. If you’re unable to find that information, the next step would be to contact your insurance provider and ask. Be sure to ask them if they cover Registered Psychologists, Registered Provisional Psychologists, and Registered Social Workers. You’ll note these titles are next to our therapists’ names in their profile pages.

Why is my appointment not fully covered, but I have $XXX amount per year?

Depending on your benefit provider and plan, there can be limits on what they cover per session. Some companies cover the full amount, whereas others will only cover a certain percentage per visit. Either way, you will still be able to use all of your coverage for the year. If only a percentage is covered each session, your benefits will last a bit longer as the remaining balance is paid out of pocket.