We live in a world where technology solves a lot of our problems for us. But have you ever asked your phone, “Okay Google, how do I know this is the right career move?” Or “Hey, Siri, why am I so anxious right now?” Or maybe you’ve asked your smart speaker, “Hey Alexa, I’m mad at my parent/partner/child. How do I resolve this in my head!?”

Probably not, right? Because even if you did, you most likely wouldn’t get the answer you need.

That’s because there are some questions only you can answer. Maybe technology can’t solve all your problems for you, but luckily, there are tools that can help give you the direction to solve your own problems. That’s exactly what DiveThru is for.

Live Life Connected

While most of the popular apps out there are in the business of connecting you with others, DiveThru wants to help you connect with you.

DiveThru is an introspection app. It brings together the proven techniques of mindfulness and journaling- sitting quietly with paper and pen in a series of programs we call “conversations.” Why? Because – in a sense – you’re talking to yourself. But, like, not in the I’m-losing-my-mind kind of talking to yourself. More like the prevent-myself-from-losing-my-mind kind of talking to yourself.

The brain and consciousness are like a symphony, with many functions acting separately, yet in tandem, and all at the same time. Sometimes, you need to talk to and connect those sides of yourself that are out of sync to achieve perfect harmony … and the DiveThru app can help you do that. It’s hard to overstate the importance of speaking frankly and honestly with yourself when it comes to knowing what you want in life, understanding your emotions and motivating yourself to make positive changes in your life.

So how does it work?

When you open the app, you’re given several options for the kinds of topics (or “conversations”) you can explore. There are Quick Dives and Deep Dives. Depending on what you want to work on and how much time you have, we have a Dive for that, and we are adding more topics to our library every day. If you want to work through something and don’t see a Dive for it, please send your feedback and we’ll see if it’s something we can add! Even Quick Dives can be used as a form of maintenance for positive mental health.

We also have an article outlining the difference between a Quick Dive and Deep Dive.

After selecting the topic you’ll be diving through, find a quiet place where you can get comfortable. We recommend a pair of soft headphones for a more immersive experience. Play the conversation. You will hear Sophie Gray’s voice lulling you into comfort. Just relax, breathe and follow the instructions.

Each conversation is broken into four parts and will have its own journaling question designed to prompt you into writing out your thoughts and feelings on the given topic. We start with a breathing and focus exercise to clear your mind and help you to get you in touch with your own emotional state. We then have an initial writing prompt, where you can take as much or as little time you want to scrawl out what you need to in your journal. Then you come back to the app and breathe and focus once more, being mindful of how your thoughts and feelings may have changed since writing. We then conclude with a final, short journal entry that summarizes for yourself what your key takeaways were from your conversation. And you’re done!

It’s important to use these kinds of sessions regularly, as having a consistent habit of looking inward will build your ability to be in touch with your emotions and live life more connected. You’ll find that you will get better at it with practice.

Why DiveThru?

It takes courage to talk to yourSelf honestly and explore your inner-thoughts. If you’ve ever wanted things to be different in your life or you’ve felt lost and adrift, floating in anxiety, self-doubt or sadness, then we believe you have the power to dive-in and find out how to identify and move past it. For those really struggling, DiveThru can be a significant compliment to professional help, allowing you to supercharge the work you do with a licensed therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist. As a matter of fact, DiveThru conversations were created by a licensed social worker. We’ve brought in some amazingly talented minds in order to help you to live more authentically and happily.

We hope that DiveThru contributes to a world where people are empowered to maintain the love and respect needed to take care of themselves and achieve their goals. Ultimately, when we’re able to connect with ourselves, we can connect with others more deeply and honestly. When the Self is better, we’re all better. Welcome to DiveThru.


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