Mental Health Tips for Teachers With Megan Malo (Registered Provisional Psychologist)

Event Info

Who is this event for?

This workshop is open to any role in school environments (ex: teacher, teacher’s aide, active parent volunteer, etc.), and brings together like-minded people who are taking charge of their mental health and well-being.

What’s the format?

In this workshop, DiveThru therapist Megan Malo (Registered Provisional Psychologist) shares her expertise on how to survive the school year for teachers, teacher’s aides or anyone in the school system. You’ll learn strategies and techniques to self-regulate in moments of high stress and manage the impact these moments can have on your mental health when you go home (or later down the road).

How many people will be there?

Up to 50 people in total (virtually).



How do I sign up?

Save your spot for the workshop by buying your ticket through our Eventbrite.

Author: DiveThru Team

DiveThru is a mental wellbeing app that helps you take charge of your mental wellbeing. Harnessing the power of guided journaling exercises, we help you take charge of your mental wellbeing.

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