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Oh hi there,

Are you a qualified mental health professional who wants to support your clients’ mental health in and out of sessions? Are you tired of recommending multiple different apps that don’t fully fulfill what you’re looking for? Are you sick of apps that say they help people become their own therapists?

Hi, we’re DiveThru — a mental health app that helps people take charge of their mental health. We work with mental health professionals to build interactive courses and tangible mental health tools that help people feel confident they have what they need to lead a mentally healthier and more fulfilling life. 

The work you do is important, and we want to support you in that work. So, join us as a DiveThru Therapist Ambassador!


What’s Involved

Who We Are Looking For

We’re looking for registered mental health professionals who are committed to helping people better their mental health — because that’s our mission too! We want to build a network of people who are:

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