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    September 9,2019 - DiveThru Team

    Here’s Exactly What You Do When You DiveThru

    To say DiveThru was created the day our founder, Sophie Gray, felt like she was going to shit her pants and puke at the same time may be in poor taste, but it is factual. While DiveThru was the result of significant discomfort, we’re proud of our origin story because DiveThru was born out of necessity. 

    When Sophie arrived home after a 38-hour drive (a result of being unable to board a plane #panicattackssuck), she sat on her couch and cried. After a decade of ignoring her mental health and the trauma she faced, she knew she had to do something about it. She began to explore her innermost thoughts by writing them down. 

    As she rebuilt her life, the foundation that DiveThru rests upon was built in the process. This foundation, now known as the DiveThru Method, may have been initially crafted by our founder but it was later refined by mental health professionals. 

    Here’s Exactly What You Do When You DiveThru

    The goal of this thoughtfully crafted method is simple: DiveThru exists to equip those who DiveThru with the ability to take charge of their mental wellbeing. 

    To achieve this goal, each Dive features five key phases: guided introspection, hand-written journaling, reflective introspection, journal review, and self-summary. 

    While there are three timed options (6 minutes, 12 minutes, and 18 minutes) for #DivingThru, each Dive guides you through the following phases: 

    1. Guided Introspection

    You. Are. Busy. Anddd, the Guided Introspection phase is specifically designed to take you out of your active minds. To achieve this, you gradually reach a place of introspection by first focusing on your external world and the factors around you. From there, you slowly focus on your physical body, breath, and thoughts. Once you’ve allowed the busyness of your days to take a backseat, you’ll begin to mentally explore the topic at hand.

    2. Hand Written Journaling

    Once you’ve had an opportunity to explore your innermost thoughts more directly, you are introduced to a journaling prompt that allows you to continue your stream of thought on paper.

    HOLD UP, a journaling app that requires ACTUAL JOURNALING WITH A PEN AND PAPER?! Heaven forbid! What year is it?! 

    Here’s why DiveThru is different than other journaling apps on the market: 

    A butt load of research says that journaling the old school way (with pen and paper) helps you genuinely reap the benefits associated with journaling. Journaling by hand helps you slow down to focus on what’s important. It also helps you to better process your emotions while triggering a specific part of your brain that helps to calm the f*ck down. 

    With these reasons in mind (and many others that you can read here), we pride ourselves in being the only journaling app that does what the research says! 

    3. Reflective Introspection

    After the journaling period, you quickly explore your inner world once again. When journaling, although you may be recalling past experiences, or exploring the future,  your body reacts in the present. For this reason, the Reflective Introspection period offers an opportunity to examine any shifts in physical sensations or any new thoughts that may have been brought up.

    4. Journal Review

    Before finishing the Dive, here is where you take a moment to read what you wrote. By taking the time to review and process the words on the page, you can step outside of the insight that came through and look at it more objectively. 

    5. Self Summary 

    Now, this is where the magic happens… As the DiveThru Method comes to a close, you are encouraged to summarize what you dove thru and record it into the app. This summary allows you to reflect on your insights and learnings in real time.

    To truly help you take advantage of the DiveThru Method, you also have the ability to reflect on your Journaling Journey at any time. You can even see the impact that your Journaling Journey is having as there’s an option to record how you’re feeling before and after every Dive! 

    Whatever experience you need to DiveThru, the Dives found within the app will follow the sequence explored above to help you DiveThru what you’re going thru. And we seriously mean anythingggg you’re facing. We have worked alongside mental health professionals to create thousands of Dives that address experiences we face daily. 

    Looking to muster up the courage to quit the job you hate? We got you covered.

    Just had a huge fight with your partner? You can DiveThru it! 

    Looking to improve your relationship with food? Cookies are awesome, so we can help! 

    Best part? It’s free to get started! Download the DiveThru app today and begin #DivingThru what you’re going thru.

    Here’s Exactly What You Do When You DiveThru

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DiveThru is a mental wellbeing app that helps you take charge of your mental wellbeing. Harnessing the power of guided journaling exercises, we help you take charge of your mental wellbeing.

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