Maybe you’re already using the DiveThru app, or maybe you just found out about our app and you’re wondering, what is this DiveThru thing? What exactly are “Dives”? What’s with this “conversation” stuff? Are these people for real?

Well you’ve come to the right place to satiate your inquiring mind.

So let’s start with that last question: “Are these people for real?” And the answer is yeah, we’re for real – and we’re for real dedicated to helping people learn to connect with themselves. It’s our absolute passion.

If you’re brand new here and you want to know about DiveThru and our conversation method, here’s a link to that article [LINK].

Quick Dives vs. Deep Dives

We have different levels of self-awareness as human beings. At any given moment, even when we’re sleeping, the body (and mind) is sensing the outside world and trying to make sense of it through its own past experience. Sometimes that means our past has taught us painful lessons that are hurting our ability to live well in the present. Sometimes we don’t know how we’re feeling. Other times, we just need a moment to reconnect. Knowing yourself is a skill, and one that needs to be practiced. That’s why we’ve created a system of varying conversations – session of focused breathing, mindfulness and journaling – that allow the user to tackle the issues they might need some help with, from big to small. In general, the Deep Dives deal with heavier issues that need more time to unpack, and the Quick Dives are there to lend you a helping hand when you need a boost.

Quick Dives

Quick Dives can be as little as six minutes, because even in the busiest of days, you can usually find six minutes. Sometimes taking some time for a small breather to refocus and reconnect will actually save you time in the rest of your day simply by helping you feel better and be more focused and productive. It’s far better to step back now then fall over the brink later, right?

Examples of Quick Dive categories include: Daily Reflections, Uplift, Living Life, Student Life, Parenthood Life, Entrepreneur Life, Food, Body, and more.

You can think of Quick Dives and mental maintenance. Getting into the habit of doing them will mean that you will be more emotionally connect with yourself and better able to solve whatever problems might come up in your life

Deep Dives

While Quick Dives are great for maintaining your well-being, Deep Dives are designed to build well-being. Building a sense of self, a sense of confidence and a path forward is one of the most difficult things we can do as people. And once you’ve accomplished it, a whole new world of possibilities opens up for you. We are both blessed and cursed to live in the modern world. On the one hand, we’re totally free to achieve new things and do what has never been done, on the other, we have to figure out within ourselves what to do with all the freedom! Or for those less privileged, sometimes circumstances limit what we can do, putting up obstacles – both real and imagined – to becoming who we really can be. That’s why we have Deep Dives that focus on Manifesting those goals. Other Deep Dives include Emotional Wellbeing, Relationships, Relationship with Self, as well as complimentary dives for Food, Student, Parent and Entrepreneur.


We know that the categories we cover are just the beginning. In time, it’s our hope that given any issue of the human condition, one day we’ll be able to say, “there’s a Dive for that.” For now, please leave us a comment, reach out over social media or email us with suggestions for Dives you’d like to see covered.


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