Are you ready to invest in your team’s growth?

  • Do you care about your team members mental wellbeing?
  • Do you want to be a company people love to work for?
  • Do your team members lack motivation?
  • Do your team members show up to work without really showing up to work?
  • Are your insurance costs high and sick days climbing?
  • Is your team stressed, overwhelmed and miserable?

How We Help

  • Personal Development

    The DiveThru app helps your employees work on their mental wellbeing. By doing so, they will grow personally, and professionally.

  • Company Culture

    Improve your company's culture with daily reflection and connection. We customize the DiveThru method to be a seamless part of your work environment.

  • Professional Development

    We provide Deep Dive bundles that help with professional development. Recommend them to your team members to foster growth.

  • HR Resource

    Equip your HR department with an additional specialized tool designed to help team members navigate both personal and professional obstacles.

Tier #1: Connected Team Members

  • Train Team Members In The DiveThru Method

    Turn chosen team members into DiveThru experts. They will champion the integration of the Connected Workplace within your work place

  • Your Entire Team Signs Up For The DiveThru App

    We work with you to customize a DiveThru app roll out that works for you and your organization. Get your team members excited to live life connected.

  • Your Team Uses DiveThru For Personal Use

    Allow team members to utilize the DiveThru app as a personal resource before using it as a tool for professional growth. This allows them to adopt it as their own instead of making it one of those things they have to do for work.

  • Individually Recommend Dives For Professional Growth

    Once your team has made the DiveThru app their own, put the professional development Dives found within the app to work. Make personalize recommendations to team members to foster growth.

Tier #2: Connected Team

  • Connect With The DiveThru Team To Discuss Your Goals

    Meet with our team on a monthly basis to review your company’s goals. From there, we create customized Reflective Dives for your team members to do at the end of each workday, week and month.

  • Create Feedback Loop Within Company To Keep Team Connected

    In the initial monthly meeting, we work with your team to create a feedback loop within your organization. This feedback loop will ensure the insight gathered from the Reflective Dives are heard and acknowledged, in one way or another.

  • Your Team Reflects Daily, Weekly & Monthly

    We provide you with daily, weekly and monthly Reflective Dives that your team completes. This allows your team members to reflect on their work day and ensure they’re in alignment with what you’re hoping for them to accomplish that month.

  • Connect To Your Team & Have Them Connect With One Another

    The feedback loop established sets up a system to make the most out of the Reflect Dives. You know where your team stands and they feel validated. This creates a company culture where everyone is connected.

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