In Edmonton and in need of a good cry?

Are you tired of struggling with your mental health and struggling to get support? Are you looking for a community of people who get what you’re going through?

Here at DiveThru, we decided it was time to reimagine how we access mental health support. Why? Because we know what it’s like to be matched with a therapist who isn’t the right fit. We know what it’s like to be on month-long waitlists when in reality, you need support much sooner than that. And we know what it’s like to feel alone in your struggles.

welcome to the DiveThru Studio

a space for therapy

At DiveThru, you’ll be able to find a therapist who gets you. You can access one-on-one, group, couples or family therapy at our studio, in our app or through a combination of both.

a space for community

We’re not alone in our struggles so let’s stop struggling alone. Find your community and your support system at DiveThru through our in-person groups, workshops and event offerings

a space for you

Our DiveThru Studio is a safe space for YOU to show up as you are – ugly tears and all – to do the important work of embracing your mental health.

a new type of mental health support is coming
to Edmonton
this January

your mental health journey starts here

Sign up now to get first dibs on therapy appointments, stay updated on our launch progress and give us your priceless opinions along the way!

for therapy for you for community

1. Get First Dibs

Whether you’re looking for a new therapist, a new community or cute swag that’s all about embracing your mental health, you’ll be the first to access our offerings. Get the scoop before everyone else!


2. Give us your input

This space is for you anddd we want to co-create it with you! We’ll regularly reach out to get your thoughts on what we’re building to ensure it’s a space you feel yourself seen and heard in.


3. Keep up with construction updates

We’re shaking up what typical mental health support looks like anddddd, it’s gonna be pretty awesome. Get a sneak peek of the studio as we’re building it


4. Alllll the giveaways

Leading up to the launch of our studio, we’ll be running giveaways (think allll the free swag) for all the cool peeps on this list. Don’t miss out!

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in Edmonton and in need of a cry?

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