Laura Moran

Core Ambassador

Laura Moran

  • Favourite Dive

    Ugh, that's a tough one. I really loved the Exploring Fear bundle. It really touched a nerve. But, Your Most Present Emotion made me cry and was incredibly helpful. But, the Panicking one really helps me stop my panic attack, so I love that one, too. Can I pick three?!

  • What Does Living Life Connected Mean To You?

    I believe living life connected is about being aware of your self. It's also about spending time with yourself. Sure, we're with ourselves 24/7, but we don’t pay attention most of the time. Being connected means you know who you truly are. For example, when I suffered from anorexia for 5 years, I wasn't connected to myself. Anorexia, for me, was a scream for help. Now, I listen to myself. Most of the time, I know what I need. But, when I don’t, I stop for a second. I connect. I DiveThru, do yoga, or deeply breath.  I connect so I don’t go down a similar road again. While I still have anxiety attacks, I now know how to handle them and what to do. DiveThru is soooooo good for that. It is just the perfect tool.

  • What Does Your DiveThru Routine Look Like?

    I wake up at 7 am, prepare breakfast. After that, I do a 12 or 18 minute Deep Dive. Doing a Deep Dives in the morning helps me focus and start my day more relaxed. Then, before having dinner, I do a 12 minute Quick Dive. I usually do one that has to do with what happened during my day. The difference between my morning and evening practice is that in the morning I need to reflect about my life, what it is going on, and in the evening I need to reflect about what happened during my day. It's the best way to stay connected with the big and immediate picture.

  • Advice To New Divers?

    Take. It. Easy. DiveThru works, even if you're new to guided breathing and journaling. DiveThru gets to the bottom of it, to the nerve. It's really intense but highly effective. Please, please, please believe me! I have experienced it first hand. Each dive you get to know yourself and understand who you are a little bit better. If you trust it (and me), you will start seeing things differently.'

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