Shealyn Ivany

divethru ambassador

HOMETOWN: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Shealyn shares her passion for personal growth, mental health, and wellness through her blog called Living Embrace. She is also working towards her life coach certification for 2020 and is very excited about starting her own coaching business. Her goal is to help young adults in and around their twenties do good within themselves so they can do good out in the world. She thinks #divingthru is important because she believes everything starts from within. She believes we need to do the inner work so that we can effectively do the outer work. She also believes #divingthru what you go thru is an important way to connect with your inner world and enhance your inner work. For Shealyn, mental wellbeing has always been a topic near to her heart. As an introvert who struggles with anxiety and depression, she has spent a lot of time hiding and feeling ashamed of her mental health. She believes it’s important to normalize mental health because we can all benefit from addressing, connecting, and speaking about mental wellbeing. She believes that normalizing the conversation around mental wellbeing can help everyone connect with themselves, and allows those struggling to feel less alone and more understood. Shealyn is a fan of journaling and has kept up a consistent journaling practice for most of her life. She loves how journaling helps her record the significant moments of her life, reflect on her feelings, and connect with her thoughts on a deeper level. Her journaling practice has allowed her to work through difficult times and appreciate the good times. Her advice for new Divers? ‘Be open to the process. It can be intimidating and scary to face certain parts of yourself and address your areas of struggle. But allow yourself the time and space to really immerse yourself in this process, because #divingthru what you're going through will help you enhance your mental wellbeing, nurture your self-development, and allow you to create a meaningful connection with yourself.’

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