Megan McCormick

divethru ambassador

HOMETOWN: edmonton, canada

Megan is the passionate blogger behind masteringhealth. Through her channel, she shares her passion for leading a healthy lifestyle, different dimensions of wellness and her yoga practice. She thinks #divingthru is important because she believes quiet time to reflect and reassess feelings is crucial to building a healthy relationship with your self, your body, and your mental health. She believes in the importance of normalizing mental wellbeing because she believes we need strategies to support and promote our mental health. Megan believes that when conversations around mental health aren't had, we can feel isolated, alone, and frustrated with our feelings - when in reality, these are normal fluctuations of being a human being! As an avid journaler from a young age, Megan noticed that journaling helped organize her thoughts, clarify what she was truly thinking/feeling and track her own mental progress. For new Divers, her advice is simple: start small and get hooked. She believes everyone has 6 minutes to DiveThru, and when you make time, you’ll want to spend more time in the app!

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