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    September 9,2019 - DiveThru Team

    5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of The DiveThru App

    You downloaded the DiveThru app, now what? It sits forever on your phone, untouched, just waiting to be opened… 

    NOPE, that’s not happening for you because #DivingThru is awesome, and feeling like shit all of the time is not. 

    At the DiveThru HQ, we often talk about how we can make #DivingThru as easy as possible. Let’s be honest… Watching reruns of Brooklyn Nine Nine and scroll mindlessly through social media is way more fun than working through all them feelings we’ve been pushing down. 

    We get ittttttt.

    Starting any new habit is hard. If it weren’t, health coaches and motivational speakers wouldn’t have anything to yell at us about. In this article, we’re walking you through some easy things you can do to get the most out of the DiveThru app and your journaling journey. 

    Let’s DiveThru:

    1. Schedule Time For Yourself To DiveThru

    It’s 2019, and we’re all real fricking busy. We all know what it’s like to lay in bed at night wondering where our day went. We stare at the ceiling with a mind full of whatever’s stressing us out at that moment. We make a promise to ourselves before we fall asleep that tomorrow will be different. We’ll make it to the gym or cook that vegan recipe with all of the superfoods we know nothing about. We might even take a moment at work to take a deep breath (yup, we’re so busy that we have to plan when to breath). We promise we’ll do something for ourselves.

    When the next morning rolls around and our alarm clocks go off, we jump out of bed and fulfill those promises to ourselves… in some other universe. But, in the world we live in, we flop out of bed and start the ‘too busy to take care of ourselves’ cycle all over again. 

    While we tackle the systemic change that must occur to break the cycle we’re all crushing ourselves within, we want you to be able to take time for yourself now. Through the DiveThru app, you can do a full Dive in as little as 6 minutes. ORRRR, if that’s not something you have time for every day, you can also use our Take A Dip feature (which only takes like 2 minutes to do).

    To fit in this time for yourself, we recommend scheduling your DiveThru sessions into your actual calendar — whether you do it on your phone or bust out your fancy calligraphy pens we imagine you own and pop your DiveThru sessions directly into your physical journal. 

    Make sure to allow for some kind of reminder for when it’s time for you to DiveThru. Scheduling the DiveThru session is half of the battle, you then actually have to pull yourself away from all of your busy and  take the damn time to DiveThru what you’re going thru.

    2. Get Personal With Us

    While we are all uniquely beautiful and complicated, we often go through similar experiences or phases of life. With this in mind, we ask a couple of questions within the DiveThru app to help us get to know you. While this information is never shared with anyone, it allows us to highlight certain Dives for you based on where you’re at in life and what you’re hoping to work on. 

    If you missed answering these questions when you initially downloaded the app, don’t worry! Head over to the app, and go to your profile. You have the option to add those details in there, too!

    3. Do The Intro Program

    Whether you’re new to journaling or have been journaling for years, our 10 Day Intro Program will ease you into the DiveThru Method. Unlike other journaling apps or different journaling approaches, we focus on the whole journaling process – from preparing your mind to summarizing your experience. Each day of the Intro Program (which… you could do all within one day if you really want) prepares you for your journey within the app.

    Not convinced? We’re talking about 5 reasons you should do the 10 Day Intro program here. 

    4. Join The DiveThru Together Community Group

    I want you to imagine a place where you can show up exactly as you are, get support from mental health professionals, gather inspiration from others who have been where you have been, and be seen, heard and appreciated — yup, that’s the DiveThru Together Community Group.

    You’re going through some stuff, and so are other people. Our DiveThru Together Community Group is our favorite place on the worldwide web, other than the DiveThru app itself.

    You can add yourself to the group by clicking here.

    5. Invite A Friend To Start On A Journaling Journey With You

    As demonstrated within the DiveThru Together Facebook Community, connecting with people on like minded journeys is powerful. Do you know what else is powerful? Embarking on that journey with a friend!

    At DiveThru, we’re on a mission to normalize mental wellbeing. We can achieve that goal together by opening up about our mental wellbeing with those around us. While it’s essential to prioritize your wellbeing and turn to friends that you believe will be supportive, you’ll be surprised to see how many people within your own life are going thru some of that stuff we all need help #DivingThru.

    As fun as watching cat videos online is, it can be much more fun when we don’t have a constant amount of stress crushing us at every moment. Scrolling through social media for enjoyment is much better than scrolling through it in an attempt to avoid what’s going on within your mind. What we’re getting at is this: we want you to DiveThru what you go thru. We know it’s difficult so we hope these little bite sized tips will help you out on your journey.

    Have any questions about the DiveThru app? Our founder is always available and excited to answer your questions. You can email her at sophie@divethru.com.

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