take charge of your mental health with our 30 day self-care journaling challenge starting july 13th

life is... stressful. so, join us for a 30 day self care journaling challenge that will prioritize you within these unprecedented time (PS... alongside 30 days of exercises, there will be 30 days of giveaways!)

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why our
30 day self care
journaling challenge

We get it. Forming a healthy habit is hard… and, life is stressful. And, that’s exactly why we made our FREE 30 day self care journaling challenge. Starting on July 13th, join thousands of others on a journaling journey that’s all about you showing yourself the self care you so deserve. 

Aside from the incredible self care you’ll be showing yourself each day, we have $1000 + worth of self care goodies to giveaway! 

So, what are you waiting for? Join us now!

starting on july 6th

join us and thousands of others 
for 30 full days worth of self care

our free 30 day challenge featuring daily giveaways, daily self care exercises and community support is starting on july 13th. 

benefits of journaling

you might be wondering why you should sign up for a 30 day journaling challenge and this is why...

clarify your thoughts and feelings

You’ve got thoughts floating around in your mind and feelings running rampant within…or, wherever we feel our feelings. Journaling has been shown to help us make sense of the thoughts we’re thinking and the feelings we’re feeling. We could all do with some of that.

get to know yourself better

You’d think we understand the person we spend every moment with… Ourselves. But, sometimes it feels like we have no idea who we are. Journaling routinely can help you better understand yourself. Naturally, understanding yourself a bit (or a whole lot) better will improve your overall quality of life. 

reduce stress

The kids are stressed. We’re the kids. I’m talking about us. Yup, you and me! When we turn to journaling to explore our emotions, we help release their intensity.

solve problems more effectively

As a society, we have created a world where problem-solving is often only done from a left-brained, analytical perspective. However, sometimes we have to engage our right-brained more creative and intuitive self. Journaling unlocks this side of our brain and allows us the opportunity for unexpected solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.

resolve interpersonal conflicts

People sometimes, amirite? Journaling can help. When we write about misunderstandings with others rather than stewing in them, we help ourselves understand another’s point of view. Why aren’t they teaching this in school?! 

join our 30 day self care journaling challenge starting on july 13th

starting july 6th

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join us for our 30 day journaling challenge that features 30 days' worth of exercises, giveaways and community support